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Laundry Center

WashBoard Provides a Clean, Safe, Well Lit Retreat When You Need a Place to Wash Your Clothes. We have the Largest, Fastest, and Newest High-Efficiency Washers & Dryers in Town! Located in Downtown Vero Beach On West St Rd 60, Walk-In At You're Convenience To Enjoy Our Newly Renovated Laundromat. We are open from 9am-9pm Weekdays, & 8am 10pm Saturday/Sunday. Last wash is 8pm Weekdays, and 9pm Weekends. 

Machine Pricing         

-20lbs $5

-45lbs $7

-65lbs $8

-85lbs $10


Pay With Your Phone

Tired of paying ridiculous ATM fees to get cash, or scrambling to collect quarters just to do laundry, we have the perfect payment solution! Pay Range is an electronic alternative to cash that allows customers to use their phones to pay for Laundry Machines. It is as simple as downloading an app, taking a picture, and swiping to confirm. Reliable, Convenient, Contactless, makes laundry day a breeze! 

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