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About Us 

Let’s face it, life is better without having to do the laundry. Washboard was built to give families and working professionals more time back in their day, enabling them to re-invest that time in a more meaningful way. 

Our door-to-door laundry service delivers superior quality, unbeatable convenience and no-brainer prices. We’re Veteran owned and operated, native to the Treasure Coast and would love the
opportunity to work with you!


Meet the Team


A veteran owned and operated business, Washboard Laundry was started by a Vero Beach native, Josh Frasier. With 8 years serving in the United States Marine Corps. Josh learned very quickly the importance of leadership, teamwork and cleanliness. 

Throughout 4 deployments, Josh found himself in a variety of situations, including doing laundry in just about all environments and conditions imaginable on earth. From washing clothes in the middle of the desert using only a bucket & soap in Iraq, to using an Artillery Powder canisters in the middle of the woods in North Carolina, to scrubbing with a washboard and bin on top of a mountain in Afghanistan. These experiences laid the foundation to developing ways to make sure my laundry was always clean. When you're required to survive with less, something as small as clean socks makes a huge difference. 

As a result of these experiences, the concept of Washboard Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service was Born. Washboard has successfully developed cleaning processes that turn a simple, mundane task into an art that helps people save time and energy so they can focus on what matters most! 


Washboard has been a life saver for me!! With 3 kids the amount of laundry is endless at times. With Josh and his team's help I've been able to give more time back to my kids (and myself) by not spending hours in the laundry room each week. --- Cheryl (Vero Beach)

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